Wide-Field CCD Camera for Prime Focus
of SUBARU Telescope

Photos(in Japanese) (98/04/09)


Suprime-Cam (Subaru Prime Focus Camera) is an unique instrument that has a wide-field imaging capability over a 30 arc minutes field of view with a 0.2 arcsec/pixel resolution at the F/2.3 prime focus of 8.2m Subaru Telescope. It covers the entire region (0.3 -1.1 um) of optical wavelengths and aims to detect the faintest possible objects observed with Subaru Telescope. Suprime-Cam will open new frontiers in various fields of astronomy such as deep survey of the solar system objects and observational cosmology.


unit CCD chip 2048X4096 pixels, three-side abuttable, 15um pixel size
back-illuminated, spectral range 0.3-1.0um
No. of CCD chips 10 chips (5 chips in 2 rows)
total pixel 10kX8k pixels
pixel size 15um
0.20 arcsec at prime focus, 0.03 arcsec at Cassegrain focus
effective area 15cmX12cm
approx. 30X24 arcmin at prime focus, 5X4 arcmin at Cassegrain focus
positional accuracy 5um in x-y, 10um in z (focal depth=15um)
readout time 20-40 sec in slow mode, 7-14 sec in fast mode
readout noise <3e in slow mode, <7e in fast mode
data amount 160MB/exposure
CCD op. temperature -80 -- -90 degC
cooling stirling cycle refrigerator
operational mode staring mode (pointing mode)
filters 10 filters can be selected
Johnson-Cousins' UBVRcIc and SDSS g'r'i'z' and some narrow band filter are available
(Note: U band filter can be used only at Cassegrain Focus)
filter exchange needs <300 sec
shutter two-blade shutter, minimum exposure 1.2 sec, resolution 0.1 sec
data acquisition MESSIA-3 system
power consumption approx. 500W (100W in dewar, 100W VME, 100W shutter, 200W cooler)
limiting magnitude 25.2(U), 27.1(B), 26.6(V), 26.6(R), 25.7(I)
(point source) for S/N=10 and 3600 sec integration

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